Season 1

  • Episode 2. Lost Light

    A murder suspect makes a confession with a surprising impact on Bosch's cold case. The detective's court case brings him into conflict with his boss.

  • Episode 4. Fugazi

    Bosch gets a verdict in his court case, and takes a trip with Waits which feels as though it may have an ulterior motive.

  • Episode 5. Mama's Boy

    Bosch is sidelined by Deputy Chief Irving, enabling him to focus on the bones case – but he finds himself drawn into a dangerous game.

  • Episode 6. Donkey's Years

    Bosch is in Vegas visiting his daughter, Maddie – and his ex-wife Eleanor, a former forensic profiler who may be able to assist him with his case.

  • Episode 7. Lost Boys

    Echoes of Harry's past may point the way to a breakthrough in the Waits investigation. Meanwhile, a restless Waits prepares a dangerous plan.

  • Episode 8. High Low

    Bosch and his ex-wife Eleanor join forces. Deputy Chief Irving has big plans for the department, which may have a wider impact on the city.